Algal* Biodiversity

Guam / Mariana Islands / Micronesia

Author: Christopher S. Lobban, University of Guam


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New Western Pacific Marine Diatoms project site on ProtistCentral


GoogleEarth™ location of Guam in the Pacific


This site is a documentation of the algae of Guam and Micronesia. I have included pages for all the genera listed in the revised checklist of seaweeds and sea grasses (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, with additions in Lobban & N'Yeurt 2006, and adding) and posted pictures of all the genera I have been able to find on Guam--this is the main purpose of this site. I have added checklists of benthic microalgae (diatoms, dinos) and ciliates, as well as the freshwater algae and, increasingly, documentation of pond animals. This is intended primarily as a resource for students at U. Guam studying biodiversity.

If you are aware of errors or updated nomenclature, please contact Chris Lobban, clobban / at/ uguam.uog /dot/ edu


Magnifications: Alongside most images is a note of the lens used and the type of illumination
(e.g., 40x, DIC). The images have been cropped and scaled to different degrees and
the objective used is only a rough guide to the size of the object. In a few cases I have put
scale bars on the photos, and if anyone needs to know particular magnifications I can go back
to the original images and apply a scale. Contact me: clobban / at/ uguam.uog /dot/ edu

Last updated 19 March 2010

Much of the macro- and microphotography on this web site was carried out with equipment funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences as part of the University of Guam RISE (Research Initiative in Scientific Excellence) program.

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