Scientific Name: Nypa fruticans
Family: Palmae
English Name: Nypa Palm
Chamorro Name: Nipa

Description: Nypa is a palm with large pinnate leaves and an underground or submerged trunk. It can be found growing in brackish water at the mouths of major rivers. Both male and female flowers are yellow; the malein thick spikes, the female in a large head. The fruit grows on a thick stalk and is the size of a basketball.

F. Introduced to Guam from the Philippines. Native in the Caroline Islands and Southeast Asia.

Comments:The fruit cluster resembles, somewhat, that of the pandanus fruit. Nupa is commonly used for thatch throughout Southeast Asia and is occasionally woven for fiesta decorations on Guam. Its frbnds last longer and are able to be woven tighter than those of the coconut palm. The jellylike center of the seed phalanges is edible, but not very tasty, thus it is rarely collected as a food item.